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Chapter Advocacy

The Florida Chapter is the leading organization representing surgical patients and surgeons in Florida. Current legislative priorities of the Florida Chapter include:

  • Scope of Practice: Ensuring scope of practice commensurate with training
  • Managed Care/Prior Authorization: Reduce insurance mandates for prior authorization for the care of surgical patients with time-sensitive conditions
  • Bleeding Control Kits: Achieve state funding for the purchase, placement, and maintenance of bleeding control kits in schools and public spaces
All-Florida Surgical Advocacy Days
Join us annually for All-Florida Surgical Advocacy Days. This event provides members who are new to advocacy and the legislative process an important opportunity to go to Tallahassee and see the process in action. Simultaneously, this event is used to schedule visits with legislators to educate them on surgical issues and how they can help protect patients. For more information, visit Advocacy Days.
Legislative Calendar
Each year, the Florida Legislature meets for 60 consecutive days to conduct the business of the state of Florida. The annual process starts with committee weeks, dedicated to performing specific functions including bill review ahead of the legislative session. The 2020 Regular Session is January 10-March 13, 2020. Click here for more information on the schedules of each chamber:

Doctor of the Day
The Florida Office of Legislative Services seeks physician volunteers for the Doctor of the Day program during the year’s Legislative Session in Tallahassee. Two physician volunteers are needed for each day of session: one for the House of Representatives and one for the Senate. For more information, contact Mavis Knight at or (850) 717-0301.
FMA Delegation
As provided by the Florida Medical Association, the FMA House of Delegates (House) is the legislative and business body of the FMA. Its members are the officers of the FMA, the elected members of the Board of Governors, and the delegates officially elected by the component societies, specialty societies, Specialty Society Section, Young Physicians Section, Medical Student Section, Resident & Fellow Section and the FMA Alliance. The House meets annually at a time and location determined by the FMA Board of Governors. Each year, the Florida Chapter delegation represents the surgeons of Florida at the Florida Medical Association House of Delegates meeting.
Medicare Contractor Advisory Committee - First Coast Service Options, Inc.
Florida Chapter, American College of Surgeons role as a member of the First Coast Service Options Contractor Advisory Committee (CAC) is an important element of the Florida Chapter’s advocacy efforts requiring clarity and awareness for the Florida Chapter membership. This memorandum proposes updating the Florida Chapter website with additional information on the CAC to provide greater awareness to the membership about the CAC, CAC processes, and service our CAC representative provides to the Florida surgical community.
Advocacy Contacts
Do you have questions about Florida Chapter advocacy efforts or prioritized issues? Contact the Florida Chapter office by phone or at
American College of Surgeons National Advocacy Issues
See what advocacy efforts are underway and being followed at the federal level by visiting the American College of Surgeons advocacy webpage.

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