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Medical Student Committee

Medical Student Committee Mission Statement:

The Florida Chapter, American College of Surgeons is a non-profit medical association whose mission is to support and improve the practice of surgery in the state of Florida. Our student committee aims to educate and engage Florida Medical Students in the practice of surgery.

Our Vision:      

The Florida Chapter, American College of Surgeons offers a professional home for Florida surgeons interested in protecting patients and the profession of surgery. We provide opportunities for medical students to participate in state and national chapters of the FACS, and aim to create educational and professional surgical opportunities.  These opportunities include education in numerous surgical fields, networking opportunities, and the development of personal relationships of the highest quality.

Committee Goals:

  1. Membership: Recruit and retain passionate members, offer students professional and networking opportunities. Provide students with the opportunity to meet with program directors, faculty, and staff who assist with residency applications and surgical career planning
  2. Programming: Host and support events at Florida medical school campuses to educate students interested in pursuing a career in surgery. Provide opportunities for students to learn more about the many subspecialties in surgery, including necessary skills to succeed. Educate students on important basic surgical techniques and proper surgical etiquette.
  3. Mentorship: Offer guidance to all Florida medical  students interested in surgery. Assist these students in making an educated decision about pursuing a surgical career. Provide student and resident advice, as well as current information on statewide and national surgical issues.

Committee Members:

Medical Student Chair: 

Ronald Mackenzie, 2nd Year Student - Florida State University College of Medicine

What drew you to the FCACS?

I first learned about FCACS through the Surgery and Anesthesiology Interest Group at FSU’s College of Medicine. By demonstrating a passion for supporting surgeons, creating leadership opportunities, and pure comradery of the surgical field among many of its specialties, I knew I needed to get involved. Coming into medical school one of my main goals was to find a way to work with a state or national wide program that advocates for the surgical position and expands health care as a whole. FCACS gave me a perfect opportunity to live that goal.

What has been you’re favorite experience with FCACS?
My favorite experience so far, as there has been many, is the residency panel that was put on this year. As COVID has impacted us all greatly, it significantly impacted our medical education, specifically time in the clinic and travel to take part in research and conferences. This made it difficult to connect with physicians and residents that could offer us insight into our future careers. The residency panel was a perfect example how FCACS was still able to bring that to light by working with COVID restrictions and utilizing available resources to bring important information to medical students.  

How do you think participating at FCACS as a student will affect your future career as a physician?Even during a pandemic, I believe FCACS has been, and will continue to be, a blessing in providing an immense amount of information that I wouldn’t have received from a typical medical education. By connecting with physicians, residents, and even other medical students throughout Florida, I have learned so much about the surgical profession and what it entails. FCACS has demonstrated how important it is to advocate for our profession and work together as a state not only for our medical education, but for the care of our patients.

Medical Student Vice Chair:
Hayden Greene, 2nd Year Student, Florida State College of Medicine


What drew you to FCACS? 
I have always had a strong interest in surgery, which led to my participation in the Surgery and Anesthesiology Interest Group at the Florida State University College of Medicine. Through SAIG, I was introduced to the FCACS Advocacy Days and the opportunities for medical student involvement. I continued to participate in events held by the FCACS, such as the Resident Webinar Panel, which ultimately inspired my desire to serve in leadership at the medical student level. The professional development and networking opportunities are what ultimately drew me to FCACS.
What has been your favorite experience with FCACS?  
My favorite experience with FCACS was the Women’s Tea networking event I attended during Advocacy Days in Tallahassee. As a woman interested in pursuing surgery, it is important to me to find female surgeon mentors. I thought it was an amazing opportunity to meet other women surgeons, hear about other’s experiences navigating a career in surgery and advocating for yourself professionally. Outside of professional development, the event was also an opportunity to hear about current issues within healthcare and the agenda to be discussed with lawmakers for Advocacy Days, such as scope of practice. 
How do you think participating at FCACS as a student will affect your career as a physician?
My participation at FCACS as a medical student has already expanded my horizons in my pursuit of a career within surgery. Whether it has been through mentorship, professional development or advocacy, the FCACS fosters opportunities for medical students to really explore their interests within surgery. My involvement thus far has shown me the importance of paying it forward for future physicians to come, especially for women in surgery. As a physician, I aim to stay involved and offer the same support, guidance and sponsorship that has been offered to me. 


Membership in the Florida Chapter – Medical Student is automatic for medical student members of the Florida Chapter of the American College of Surgeons.

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